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Starting in June 2022

June 2022


The American Supreme Court & the leaked opinion paper on reversing Wade versus Roe.

For those of us too young to remember, fifty years ago, in a landmark ruling in the legal case of Wade versus Roe, the American Supreme court decided to legalize abortion across the states. But a couple of months ago leaked opinion paper from one of the extremely conservative justices on the present-day American supreme court appointed by former President Donald Trump indicated Wade versus Roe would be reversed, setting the clock and women’s rights back fifty years.

I believe this reversal would be a terrible mistake on all counts. Firstly it will make abortion a privilege and not a universal right as the rich will go to expensive private clinics and have very hush-hush terminations. It will pave the way for ill-equipped, unsafe, and dangerous, illegal back-street clinics where women’s lives will be endangered.

I could go on and on, but I will finish by stating why should privileged and monied old white men, or any male for that matter, have any say in female reproductive matters.

Women’s bodies, their choice.

These opinions are open for reasoned debate.

July 2022

Opinion Number two.


Trekkies should recognize that name. Nichelle Nichols played the part of Nyota Uhura, the communications officer in the original Startrek tv series. She went on to reprise the role of Lt. Uhura in the first six Startrek movies. In 1968 she famously shared the first on-screen interracial kiss with the U.S.S. Enterprise’s Captain of the time, James T. Kirk. She went on to work for America’s space agency N.A.S.A. and a lifetime of promoting racial and gender equality.

My wife and I named our black cat after her simply because she is so beautiful, independent, and super intelligent. Nichelle Nichols is a person I find very inspiring. What character, if any, from a book, tv programme, or film inspired you?

August 2022

Opinion Number Three

Social media

I have given up on all social media. It is an area of online life I can seriously do without. It is full of trolls, misinformation, misogynistic, and downright rude people looking for fights where there aren’t any. The level of intelligence involved can often be that of badly educated, misinformed teens. I have had enough.

September 2022

Opinion Number Four

The war in Ukraine

The decision by Russian President Vladimir Putin to declare war on Ukraine in February 2022, has destroyed the fragile detente that has kept Western Europe largely peaceful since the end of W.W. Two.

There are many interlinking and historical factors involved but when all the talk is done, it comes down to an expansionist land grab attempt by President Putin. A brazen attempt to try and restore some of the former might and glory of the old Soviet Union.

Appeasement has not worked; just look at Crimea. So the unified, robust response from the western allies is crucial in standing up against this unilateral declaration of war. But how much the west itself is responsible for this state of affairs is debatable. The continuing expansion of N.A.T.O. and the E.U. to almost the borders of Russia itself has been well flagged as a major threat to Russia’s sovereignty by President Putin in the past.

And will China, who for now is sitting on the fence, see this as a golden opportunity to expand her own sphere of influence while the western superpowers are busy elsewhere?